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Brewer's Best® Chocolate Milk Stout


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A chocolate lover's dream.... this Stout features Brewer's Best® Organic Cacao (Cocoa) Nibs.  Subtle and sweet, the cacao nibs pay homage to the rich roasted coffee and warm notes of the chocolate malt.  This brew will take you back to your childhood when there was nothing better than a large glass of chocolate milk.  Enjoy!

Kit Includes: Malt Extract Syrup, Specialty Grains*, Hops, Yeast, Spices & Flavorings*, Grain Bag*, Priming Sugar, Bottle Caps and Easy to Follow Instructions.

OG: 1.045 - 1.049    IBU's: 24 - 28  ABV:  4.5% - 5.2%  Color: Black  Brewing Difficulty:  Intermediate  Category: Seasonal

Makes 5 gallons of Beer

*Included when required in specific beer recipes