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Brewer's Best® Belgian Dark Strong Ale


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This Strong Ale recipe creates a copper-brown color from the generous, yet diverse, liquid malt extract addition.  Dark brown soft candi sugar contributes robust and unique flavors commonly found in Belgian style ales.  The high gravity is balanced with clean bittering and spicy aromas that round out this complex ale.

Kit Includes: Malt Extract Syrup, Specialty Grains*, Hops, Yeast, Spices & Flavorings*, Grain Bag*, Priming Sugar, Bottle Caps and Easy to Follow Instructions.

OG: 1.075 - 1.079    IBU's: 25 - 30  ABV:  7.32% - 8.3%  Color:  Brown   Brewing Difficulty: Easy  Category: Premium

Makes 5 gallons of Beer

*Included when required in specific beer recipes