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New 2.5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg by AEB


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New, 2.5 gallon Stainless Steel Keg for Homebrew. These are the top of the line soda style keg on the market. They are made in Italy by AEB. They have been manufacturing these kegs in Italy since 1989 and their focus is on top notch quality. Here are some of the benefits and qualifications of these kegs. As always, we include an additional set of Orings so you always have a spare set!

  • 304 Stainless Steel

  • NSF Approved for Beverage use.

  • ISO 9000

  • MAA Approval by Coca Cola

  • Manufactured by AEB since 1989 ( over 23 years!)

  • Additional set of Orings provided

  • Manual pull-ring relief valve that also automatically vents at 130PSI

  • Stainless Steel strap style carry handle for extended handle life.

  • Serial Numbers on each part with sanitary welds.

  • 14.5" Tall X 8.5" Wide.  Weighs 5.3 LBS empty